About dinner for tonight…

  Ginger K King

Wow, what a few days it has been.  I never knew there was so much to the publishing industry before.  Having a cookbook on the cusp of being released and normal life issues (keep everyone and all the puppies fed, house cleaned (relatively)/and bills paid) plus the day job… WHEW

OK now I feel better.  You know we are in this together and if it wasn’t for understanding that you are also juggling life and writing and love and issues of your own, I think I would go crazy.  There are beautiful women and men all around me who are struggling with one thing or another that keeps them running all the time.  I see grace in the way they handle the issues they bear.  I see faith displayed in their actions and how they keep a smiling face through it all.

These are the things that help me keep moving.  Which reminds me, this post is about food right?  The topic; what’s for dinner tonight specifically?

Tonight I dine alone.  Having your meal as a party of one can be a challenge for most of us because food is such a social thing.  Normally we are cooking for someone we love, going out with someone(s) we love or they are cooking for us.  I have single friends who say their dinner on most weeknights consist of peanut butter toast or a microwave meal because it is so hard to cook  just for themselves.  I know.  I’ve been there, with the bowl of egg noodle and the laundry.

Driving and eating isn’t safe, but we do it.  Most of us have on occasion had a moving feast.  I want to be better with that, so tonight, I will stop for a half hour and gather my thoughts.  Look down at my plate and remember to be thankful.  There are so many who cannot and maybe never will eat as regularly and with such variety as I am blessed with.  Looking at my food for a few minutes prior to eating is as much of a prayer as the prayer itself.  It is living in the moment with the food, knowing where it came from and that I am blessed to have it.

Even if it is peanut butter toast, alone in front of the TV, I am still truly and utterly blessed!


One thought on “About dinner for tonight…

  1. Getting your first book published can be a daunting task especially while juggling so many other things, Ginger. Remember to breathe deeply and enjoy the ride because there truly is no destination, just the ride itself.
    Regarding eating: I find when I eat with others I eat about 75% more than I would have alone… and my waistline shows it. So I actually look forward to those meals alone!

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