What Groceries Cost

From time to time we look at each other at the grocery checkout and think, how did we possibly put that much into our shopping cart?  Today I started thinking about grocery shopping in a whole new way.  If you think about it any grocery shopping experience is a luxury.  In most of the world people eat what they have, there are no choices before them.  The only choice is to try to find something, anything to eat, or sit and starve.

So I feel very guilty that I grumble and complain at the cost for it is a true luxury that we are able to eat with such mindlessness and with so many choices in front of us.  Of course there is a premium.  I did nothing to raise the beef I bought nor did I rake and hoe the tomato or potato hills.  Yet I got fresh food, relatively fast.  It should not surprise me that it was costly.  I still do not like the price tag, but I think today I really put this into perspective.

Now if I can keep that perspective, I will feel better, but I am human and sadly used to being a spoiled American.


2 thoughts on “What Groceries Cost

  1. Great point, Ginger! Lately I’ve had an increased appreciation for local farmers. I can’t imagine being in an industry where too much or too little rain or sun can make or break one’s livelihood for the year. I feel good supporting the local farmers as much as I can.

  2. Love this! We are all guilty of grumbling even as others suffer, but you’re right we’re human. It is important to try and take a step back to really count our blessings and try to pay those blessings forward. Thanks for sharing (this has totally happened to me :))

    Chief Seed Sower

    Light of Mine
    Seeds of Hope

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