Sandhills River Morning

Early summer about thirty years ago, I experienced my first Sandhills river morning while dipping a pan of water from the Lumber/Lumbee River.  The water was so dark.  I remember having dipped it for perking coffee my father and uncle would drink.  It looked like a free flowing coffee lovers dream already.  I eased the pan down to the surface as I leaned over and dipped the pan in and quickly up.   I was amazed at how crystal clear it was in the pan!  It was magic to a young girls eyes.  I tried again I think twice more to get that dark water in the pan that I saw all around me.

I love that meandering coffee cup and the spell it had on me that day, and I love it for all the memories it gave me, that I will cherish always.  It is the place I learned to swim.  It is the place I learned to distinguish a water moccasin from a peice of driftwood swimming in the dark water.  It is the last place I went fishing with the great men of my life, my father, my uncle Ray, my husband and father in law.  It is where I go still when I need to retreat from the world.  It may be at different points on the banks, but it is always the same peace of mind when I have left it’s side.

John Charles McNeill wrote of similar feelings concerning the terrapin and drifting foam.  I too will forever remember my first morning in the dark water with sandy feet I will always call home.


One thought on “Sandhills River Morning

  1. Thanks for a trip into yesteryear, Ginger! Those memories are so precious – little did any of us know at the time that such simple acts could create imprints that would stay with us forever. Your post brought back memories for me, also. Thanks for sharing yours!

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