Romantic Autumn

Preparing for Autumn is always a joy. It is my favorite time of year. This year we will be busy and I will not able to plan a romantic trip but I will still think about it this and every fall.

There is special romance in each season. Winter is all about cuddling by the fire, and long nights, reading or watching movies. Spring brings opportunities for picnics and trips to the botanical gardens or a zoo. Summer is that first chance too cool down by a quick dip in the farm pond, a river or mountain stream. Just be careful no one steals your clothes!

Fall is full of things all of the other seasons bring, cool, sometimes cold nights, warm sunny, sometimes dog days hot afternoons, and those first low humidity mornings. Sheer bliss!

Take advantage of the magic in the air and grab your sweetie for a drive through the Carolinas from the coast to the mountains there are lots of festivals, farm stands wineries, restaurants and b&b’s waiting to be discovered.


One thought on “Romantic Autumn

  1. Autumn is my favorite time of the year also, Ginger. I love that you think of the romance in each season. Perhaps you should write a romance book – against the backdrop of the seasons and wine, perhaps? 🙂

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