When November Comes

Isn’t it amazing when you have a story line in your head, and you find something from real life that is even better, that is even more inspiring.  That is how I feel tonight.  There have been several characters developing and their eventualities roaming around in my head.  Tonight their result is sure in my heart.  After witnessing the love my nephew has for his new wife and her son it came to me in a flash what the ending of my characters would be.  I’ve chosen one of the outcomes and it was even a surprise to me.  Maybe one day very soon you will be able to meet these characters and in them see a glimpse of the real love of a family bonded by these words, spoken by my new great-nephew.  “Jim is a great parent, and I am happy today to shake his hand and say welcome to our family Dad!”

I feel so blessed to have been able to witness this love today.  There is nothing like “true” love.

Many blessings to the Unverferth’s



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