Nature finds a way, even if it deflates your tires

DSCF4676When I read a recent ABC News Blog, I was reminded of a quote that is on one of my favorite new
paintings by Carol Meetze-Moates that is an inspiration piece for a novel in the works.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu

Both the quote and the blog made me pause.  When you see the photo you will understand what I mean by “deflates your tires.”  I started thinking about some possible questions that I may be asked in an interview on Friday.  How did you decide to write a cookbook about NC wines?  How long did it take?  Would you do it again?

I’ll answer those questions if asked in the interview and post a link to it once it is published… but I want to share with you in my blog post today, thoughts on this photo and the quote by Lao Tzu.  “What goes up must come down”, “Things happen for a reason”, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”  You’ve heard these sayings and laws of physics all your life.  We seldom stop to apply them to events in our own lives in any logical way.  It is as if we simply muse for a millisecond to say, “Hmm that’s weird, ironic or interesting.”

The simple act was leaving a bicycle beside a tree to be forgotten.  The kid who left it there, knows what he did, but he probably only thought about it for two weeks after propping his transportation there. Some fifty odd years later the bike is still there and can clearly be seen by anyone in the area.

The tree (nature) continued to do what nature does, and in the process moved up toward the heavens.  Each year, marring its measure board rings with an alien artifact (bike) as it carried it onwards and upwards.  This is true of our life choices.  Our life is the tree.  Continually growing, and changing; still carrying around all of our choices and life incidents.  Just as our lives are comparatively slow, celebrating an anniversary and birthday only until a certain age, at some point we forget and have to count.  “How many years has it been?  “Wait your how old?”  We sometimes forget the things we have laid down in the path of our lives.  Years later they will resurface, and hopefully mostly pleasant memories are retrieved, just as the bike was discovered as a glimpse is seen through the trees.

During difficult times, it is hard to remember, “Things take time, and this too shall pass”.  When losing my corporate finance job, I felt like I was losing everything, but it was then that the resulting void in my life (opening in the trees) revealed a long ago forgotten love, I had lain against the tree of my life.  Today it is held up above many of my other choices and things that have happened to me.  Nature deflated my tires as this tree deflated and warped the back tire of the child’s bike, but it reminded me of something wonderful in my life that I needed to nurture.  The tree never stopped growing, just because there was a bike there.  It simply grew around, through and into the bike, adopting and accepting it and moving on.

I hope I am reminded of this each time life challenges me to lay something down, to quit worrying about it, because in due time, it will be just one more thing that is molded into me so naturally that I sometimes forget it was ever there.  I am thankful that I was reminded of my love of cooking, and writing.  Things I had laid down and stopped doing, because building that certain industry career seemed more important.  Who knows, maybe those too will resurface sometime too.  They certainly have helped make writing and cooking more enjoyable for me.  When I look back at the pace I used to run, and the pace it is afforded today.

Lost Bicycle Swallowed by Wash. Tree

By Kevin Dolak | ABC News Blogs – Wed, Jan 2, 2013 10:45 AM EST–abc-news-topstories.html

Bike in a tree


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