Every Breath

My mother-in-law recently passed from respiratory issues.  There are so many things we take for granted and easy steady breathing has to be up there on the very top of the list.  For many of us regular full (overly full) plates is another.

If we stop to be conscious of every breath we take during a meal.  I wonder if we would be more grateful for both blessings?

Today, feed someone other than yourself, or your family.  Visit a local food bank and drop off enough food to prepare for one meal for a stranger.  The blessing will not go unnoticed!

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2 thoughts on “Every Breath

  1. Glad to see someone knock the price of meat. Let’s not forget about the cheapest protein out there: eggs. And that old standby dried beans. Combine corn and beans and you have a very nutritious complex protein. Delicious, too.
    Sorry about your loss. I lost my grandmother more than 20 years ago and still mourn for her. A loss stays a loss.
    Ann Chandonneet

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